Peter's CV





PhD in theology, Australian Catholic University, 2006; MA in theology, ACU, 2003


MS in geoscience, Technische Universität Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, 1958; undergraduate work at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Germany.





Fellow of the Australian Network of Christians in Science and Technology (ISCAST), 2020–.


Honorary Fellow, Australian Catholic University, Canberra, 2011–2019





Part-time lecturer; developed and taught the unit “Jesus Christ Today” in the bachelor of theology program, Australian Catholic University, 2008–2010.

More than a decade of designing and leading workshops for corporate managers and staff, 1985-2000. 





International consulting in corporate management in Sydney, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, 1980–1998.


International consulting in the field of geoscience in Egypt, Sierra Leone, India, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, the United States, and Australia (work in Australia included the development of uranium mining and marketing), 1960–1980.




Books and Book Chapters


Human Rights in Crisis: A Cultural Critique. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag, 2007.

“Forsaking Our Violent Ways: A Girardian Reflection on the Sermon on the Mount as a Path to a New Social Order.” In Scott Cowdell, Joel Hodge, and Chris Fleming, eds., Violence, Desire and the Sacred: René Girard and Sacrifice in Life, Love and Literature, vol. 2, 207–220. London: Continuum, 2014.

“Blood Sacrifice and the Death of Jesus: A Totally Insufficient Commentary on a Girardian Controversy.” In Neil Ormerod and Robert Gascoigne, eds., Priest, Poet, and Theologian: Essays in Honour of Anthony Kelly CSsR, 39–59. Preston, Vic: Mosaic Press, 2013.

“Human Rights: Controlling the Uncontrollable?” In Scott Cowdell, Joel Hodge, and Chris Fleming, eds., Violence, Desire and the Sacred: Girard’s Mimetic Theory across the Disciplines, 205–216. London: Continuum, 2012.




Christian Attitudes to Science: A Survey of Churches in Canberra. Self-published survey summary report authored with Sue Wilson BSc (Hons), MEd, lecturer in Science Education at ACU. August 2013.

“The Scientific Challenge for the Church in the Work of Arthur Peacocke.” St Mark’s Review 221, no. 3 (September 2012): 14–30.

“Wisdom as the Interdisciplinary Space for Science and Theology.” AEJT 18, no. 3, (2011):211–218. 

“Hope—Essential and Abundant.” AEJT 15 (January 2010): 1–10.

“The Drama of Jesus and the Non-Violent Image of God: Raymund Schwager’s Approach to Divine Violence.” Pacifica 20 (June 2007):185–203.

“The Impotence of Human Rights in the Face of Escalating Violence: A Girardian View.” AEJT 10, (Pentecost 2007):1–12.


Unpublished Working Papers


“The Church and the Rhetoric of Expulsion: A Girardian Reading of Athanasian Correspondence,” 2019.

“The Biblical Accounts of Creation: Interpretation and Meaning,” 2018.

“An Anatomy of Violence,” 2008.







“A Matter of Life and Death: Keeping the Cosmos in Theology,” August 2020.


Australian National University Emeritus Faculty Public Lecture Series

“A Theologian among Scientists: Exploring the Intersection of Science and Theology Based on the Work of Juergen Moltmann,” 2011.

“The Ambiguity of Human Rights,” 2008.


ACU Faculty Research Seminars


“The Emergence of Human Consciousness: On the Biological Substrate of Human Spirituality,” May 2020.

“Falling in Love with the Earth for Heaven’s Sake,” May 2019.

“Sexuality, Love, and the Symbol of the Trinity in the Work of Georg Baudler,” September 2017.

“Lessons from an Unfinished Universe: Reflections on the Threshold of Hope,” October 2016.

“Deep Incarnation,” July 2015.

“Exploring the Invisible Link between Cosmology and Theology and Its Implications for Christianity,” April 2014.

“Science, Christianity and the New Universe Story,” May 2012.

“Coming to Terms with Big History: Implications of Evolutionary Time Scales,” August 2011.


Canberra Christian-Jewish Dialogue Group


“Exploring the Invisible Link between Cosmology and Theology,” June 2014.


Holy Covenant Anglican Church


“At Home in the Cosmos? Musings towards a Theological Cosmology,” October 2014.


Anglican News


Following publication of Christian Attitudes to Science: A Survey of Churches in Canberra, the Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, the Rt. Rev. Stuart Robinson, invited me and my coauthor to make the findings available to a wider audience via two articles in the Anglican News (circulation 20,000) with special reference to the Anglican response to the survey, February and March 2014.





Australian Research Theology Foundation grant supporting the data collection and analysis of the survey of Christian attitudes toward science, 2012–2013.

Australian Research Theology Foundation grant for the design of a cross-denominational online survey of Christian attitudes toward science, 2011–2012.

Australian Postgraduate Award, $53,000 funding for doctoral research, 2003–2006.

Signadou Dominican Prize for academic excellence, 2003.

Carmelite Titus Bradsma Award, 2001.