Cosmos and Revelation:

Reimagining God's Creation in the Age of Science

(in  preparation)

Five years ago, I began to dream of writing a book that encourages Christians to come to terms with the findings of modern science. Such a manuscript has now reached completion.


Undertaken to help believers of all traditions to take discoveries  of science seriously by embracing the radically changed picture of the world modern science is painting, I survey in nine chapters a wide sweep of themes that belong to the two poles mentioned in the book title, "Cosmos" and "Revelation."


Following a fresh reading of the biblical creation accounts (Gen. 1-2) in chapter 2, the book explores in the other eight chapters scientific discoveries ranging from the travail of galaxies to the wonderland of living cells. The book seeks to expand the Christian imagination but does not present a systematic treatment of what a view implies that differs profoundly from traditional descriptions. Its theological reflections are offered as a help for readers who wish to begin their own journey of discovery. 


If the God of the Christian gospel is the Creator of "everything seen and unseen" with all its beautiful lawfulness, unpredictable randomness, and deep time, then Christianity needs to reimagine the Creator and develop an expanding horizon that shows how this evolving, amazingly interrelational, and throbbing creation is at depth patterned on Christ.