After my retirement from a career in geoscience and international consulting for which I qualified in my native Germany (MSc, 1958), I studied theology (MA theol. 2002; PhD 2006). For some time now, I have been passionately probing the mystery of the cosmos as the place of God’s self-revelation. ​​​I am also fond of cats.

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My work proceeds from a position of critical faith, meaning that there are good reasons for being a Christian. Experientially, I find myself in agreement with Richard Rohr who writes: "When we live out of ego, we impose our demands on reality. When we live in the presence of God, we await reality's demands on us."


This shift issues from an encounter with the crucified and risen Christ. It dissolves the fortress of the ego with its illusionary attempts to render life secure so that the big "I" loses its defenses.


Once the veil parts, we know that life is radically changed. In Christian language, we have become a child of God in actual experience. Civil religion and mental assent to a Creed are not enough. From then on the person lives 'in union' and that is not his or her own doing. There is no longer anything to prove, everything is already there. It is now simply a matter of recognizing, honoring, and trusting.


In the reality of that experience we also accept our humanity, and, paradoxically, it is in that place that we also meet God for there is no other way to meet the One who is Present except through our humanity.