My Project

Write, speak, and pray to illuminate and inspire fellow Christians to befriend the new cosmic story that emerges from the data of modern science.  

Since Cosmos and Christ are inseparable, neglecting scientific discoveries in our time can only lead to diminishing public credibility of Christian truth claims.

The future belongs, to put it provocatively, not to science but to wisdom – if humanity wants a future at all.

Jürgen Moltmann

My article, "Wisdom as the Interdisciplinary Space for Science and Theology," here.

Cosmos and Revelation:
Reimagining God's Creation in the Age of Science

(forthcoming 2021)

The book surveys relevant themes in support of the project, including a fresh reading of Gen. 1 & 2. 

This collection was distilled from the above text as an aid for readers.   

Reading samples and occasional  reflections on  challenges arising for the church in the age of science.  

An annotated bibliography will progressively appear here.


New Book