My Project

Write, speak, and pray that fellow Christians will set aside prescientific views  of God's creation and embrace the new cosmic story modern science is writing. 

Although science cannot deliver ultimate truth, without paying attention

to scientific knowledge and its theological implications,

the church cannot fulfil its mission in an age of science. 


(in preparation)


Cosmos and Revelation:

Reimagining God's Creation in the Age of Science

Surveys in nine chapters relevant themes in support of the project, including a re-reading of Gen. 1 & 2. 

A page of reading samples from the  manuscript plus occasional theological reflections on  challenges arising for the church in the age of science.  

Since provocative aphorisms enhance our ability to make meaning, this collection was distilled from the above text as an aid for readers.   

To feed the Christian imagination, an annotated bibliography will progressively appear on this page. 




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